Outdoor spaces such as private gardens or public green areas are developing increasingly into extended living spaces. They can be designed as individually as any indoor space.

Individual garden design: from planning through furnishing

Garden and landscape design should meet the requirements of the users and reflect the personality of the owners. They should provide a harmonious link between interior and exterior. They should create prestigious outdoor spaces that provide a peaceful, relaxing respite from the pressures of everyday life.

Our landscape architecture specialists are involved in every architectural project from the outset. They create the perfect interface between architecture, interior design, and landscaping. Of particular importance to us here are the creative, detailed concept work for planting, the selection of materials, furnishings, and lighting, together with the precise project implementation. We obtain everything that is required at preferential rates through our own specialist supplier with Switzerland’s widest range of interior and outdoor design collections.

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We can provide a custom garden and landscaping concept for you too.

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